Colasoft Ping Tool

Easy graphical utility for pinging


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If you want to check the connectivity status of your computer with any remote computer on the network (computers, servers, router), the easiest way to do so is with what it is called a ping, which measures the existing response time from one computer to another by sending and receiving packets of information.

Colasoft Ping Tool is a handy, free utility that lets you do this from your computer and you can obtain the results graphically to make it simple to interpret them.

Colasoft Ping Tool is not necessarily aimed at advanced users, since its main objective is to facilitate the location of a potential connection failure between two points without requiring extensive knowledge on the subject.

The program displays, through a customizable graphical environment, a statistic diagram with which you will not have any trouble finding where the problem is being generated that is limiting your access to a web server, intranet, etc..

Windows 2000/XP/2003 operating systems.

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